Landscape Lighting

Kerr Lighting

Kerr Lighting is a beautiful and affordable way to light up any new hardscape design. Kerr has affordable option to enhance the beauty of your new patio, driveway or walkway. These low voltage lighting systems can easily be incorporated into an existing landscape design. Kerr lighting is the easy way to accent and finish off any hardscape project.

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Kerr Paver Lights

Brick Paver Lights

The original Paver Light! Brick-shaped units work perfectly with both concrete and clay pavers. Three nominal 4 x 8 sizes are compatible with many
manufacturer’s products. Brick paver lights can be used in patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways. Their rugged reinforced design can withstand the load of a passenger car or light commercial vehicle. The light lens can be removed quickly and easily for fast bulb replacement

LED Wall, Pillar and Step Lights

Kerr Wall Lights accent your garden and retaining wall projects while providing the warmth, safety and security of illumination. Each fixture is constructed of the strongest plastic polymers and is designed to interlock seamlessly with many segmental wall systems. The unique structural design can support the weight and pressures of the wall and the textured lens helps it integrate with the rocklike surface texture of most wall products

Deck and Dock Lights

These lights are perfect for use on wooden projects like deck and docks—either as part of new construction or retrofit into existing structures. The wide lip with
beveled edges supports the light and its smooth rounded corners make the Deck & Dock Light a safe, yet elegant addition to your outdoor living are